NHS or Private

At The Rickmansworth Dental Centre we offer both NHS and Private treatment.

NHS treatment options and charges are determined by the government and the dentist must work within set guidelines. Certain treatments, such as white fillings and crowns on back teeth and cosmetic treatments, are not available under the NHS. Some treatments require prior approval from the regulatory bodies before treatment can commence.

Private treatment is independent of government constraints. Therefore there are no limitations on what treatments can be carried out and no prior approval is required allowing for a more prompt completion of treatment.

Private treatment is more expensive than NHS treatment. This is because more time is given for Private treatments and a wider range of materials is used. Also dental technicians, responsible for making crowns, bridges, dentures, etc., charge higher fees for Private work, as the work requires more laboratory time and more expensive materials.NHS patients may choose to have certain items of treatment carried out on a Private basis.

Please note that even though we can take more time and use superior materials privately, NHS treatment is in no way detrimental and will adequately maintain your dental health.

If you have any questions about the above please do not hesitate to ask Dr. Deitsch or any of the staff of The Rickmansworth Dental Centre.