With new advances in tooth whitening we have changed the whitening system we offer.
Previously there was a choice between home whitening and in-surgery ‘power’ whitening. With the home system, custom made trays are made to fit over the teeth and the whitening agent placed in the trays which are worn in the mouth for the required period of time. With ’power’ whitening, the whitening agent is painted on to the teeth and a blue light is used to activate it. Unfortunately ’power’ whitening generates a lot of heat which is damaging to teeth. New systems have now been introduced where the in-surgery whitening can be done without generating any heat. We are now offering this new in-surgery system, which then dovetails with the home system to give some fantastic results.

Before WhiteningBefore whitening treatment

After WhiteningAfter whitening treatment


We have chosen to use the Illuminè whitening system by Dentsply, one of the most trusted names in dentistry.
Illuminè is a tooth whitening system, which is applied professionally by a dentist.  It is available in 2 versions:
1)      “In-Office” – applied in the dental practice by the dentist

Illumine Office

Illuminé Office

A 15% Hydrogen Peroxide system for quick, effective treatment in-surgery

2)      “At Home” – supplied through your dentist but applied by yourself at home

Illumine Home Kit

Illuminé Home

15% Carbamide Peroxide in stylish bags for patients to take home

How does it work?
Tooth whitening uses a whitening gel to brighten the teeth. Chemicals within the whitening gel penetrate the microscopic pores within the hard outer coating of the teeth and remove deposits responsible for darkening the teeth, making the teeth appear whiter and healthier. When performed under a Dentist’s supervision, it is safe and effective.  In fact, many dentists consider this whitening process the safest cosmetic dental procedure available today

What result will I get?
We all tan in the sun, yet some people tan much more easily than others.  It’s the same for tooth whitening, some people’s teeth whiten more easily then others; it’s just the way we are made.  In all cases your teeth will look whiter. The results last for between one and three years before the teeth return to their original colour. This time depends on the patient’s oral hygiene , smoking habits, consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, etc. The great thing about using the home system is that the whitening gel can be stored in your fridge and used periodically to brighten the teeth and prevent them returning to their darker shade. Refill kits are available separately.

What will happen when I visit the dentist to get my teeth whitened?
Following a thorough dental examination, we will decide which treatment is best for you, the duration and the expected results
If you are happy to proceed, we will prepare a customised tray especially tailored to fit your teeth, and will supervise your treatment whether you have it at home or in the surgery.
If you are having the In-Office system then it will take between 30-60 minutes to whiten your teeth.  You will be able to sit with the tray in your mouth while reading a magazine or book in our spare surgery.  It’s actually quite a relaxing session!
In you are having the At Home system, then you can wear the gel in the tray at home during the night, or for a couple of hours whilst watching TV. You will have to do this for up to 2 weeks or for 3 days if you have had the in-office system beforehand.

We take the shade of your teeth before you start and then again after the treatment so we can note the degree of improvement.

For a more detailed description of the procedures involved with the Home whitening, please click here.

Will whitening damage my teeth?

As stated previously, supervised professional whitening is one of the safest dental procedures. Most of the risk involved was associated with the use of heat with ‘power bleaching’. Updated systems have eliminated the heat making the procedure harmless to the teeth. The most common side affect when whitening the teeth is increased sensitivity with changes in temperature, due to the opening of the pores in the teeth. The dentist has a few tricks of the trade to reduce this sensitivity. A much rarer side affect is sore gums, due to a sensitivity to the chemicals within the whitening gel. Side affects are usually only minor and subside as soon as the whitening is completed.

If you are planning to whiten your teeth, do it before any other restorative treatment since white fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers will not be whitened. Also existing restorations on the front teeth may need replacing after treatment to match the new whiter shade.

Studies have shown that our appearance plays a major role in the success of our personal and professional life. Like your hair, cosmetics and clothes, whiter teeth can completely change your appearance.

If you require any further information about tooth whitening, please do not hesitate to contact us at The Dental Centre.


Illuminé Patient Information Leaflet
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Illuminé MSDS Sheet
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